Exploration about the average

To write (how much I should write in organized articles, damn me).
Also I should implement more and more (slowly, as I did not do it for years and now I see how valuable it is) the rule "better write notes that capture the idea, rather than nothing, at least for yourself of the future".

- While I know how the arithmetic mean works, I wanted to understand when it stabilizes.
- I used the 9860g and the 506w to accumulate values (former) and create a random result that was around a certain mean (latter) with (rand + rand + rand)*5000/3 + 1.0001 (not exactly perfect)
- I collected values until the mean variated not much in a certain digit position that I wanted (like after 200+ collected values)
- this - one discovers while doing the activity - depends on how much the new value affects the sum of the values collected until then
- given the last point, one can estimate how many values in a certain range with a certain expected distribution one needs before the mean stabilizes
- the formula for stability has to be also defined. Like "the variation between the last X values of the mean amount to less than Y" as one cannot rely only on the last 2-3 values since the random values an be, by chance, close to one another. Or maybe "the variation of the last X values of the mean amount to less than Y, given that the last X values of the random values have a distance from the mean of at least Z"

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