Copy here your wikipedia contributions about math topics

Why? Because I try often to contribute in the community that I think is most collaborative and appreciative of a contribution (although it may be reverted). Anyway Wikipedia is not that "easy to edit" as it seems. The policies are quite strict (and that is good, although it takes long time to assemble proper content) and it means that every personal contribution can end under the policy "no personal research".

Therefore, since my willpower and free time are limited, while I still leave my contributions in talk pages, were other editors can decide whether they are worth the main article or not, let's collect your contributions also on your pages. I hope every contributor of internet pages that are not managed by him would do this. Redundancy is never bad especially when sites go down. I, for one, largely fail. Damn me


Hence port the following sections here (see also

- multiplying by 11
- § motivation section not so clear

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