2017 11 German minimalist wallpaper done with math


- I wanted to find a minimalist wallpaper about Germany (see German flag redesigned as japanese prefecture on a search engine)
- I did not find any, at least through google images and a quick scroll
- I decided to resort of little math and some tools to make some simple ones that may be extended later on.
- hp 50g to produce the series (awesome calculator and math environment)
— random walk (limited in variation), not bad but too random.
— picking a random walk and then building all the three colors, not bad but maybe too bumpy until I refine the function for the variation.
— then I went through some well known math functions to find pleasant functions and so far the sine/cosine is nice if properly scaled.
- highcharts.js (what a work! I mostly don't need to learn gnuplot anymore) to produce the results and export the picture. To produce pleasant results one has to push the options of highcharts.js, but it let be bent, awesome.
- improved steps will be to use html5 canvas and print by pixel, given that the pixel colors are defined according to the computation done with the hp50g. On a 2d limited surface the play field is already incredibly large if one wants to "draw" with functions/programming.

- samples

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