Active sites

In questa pagina terrò una lista dei siti attivi che gestisco. Sarà una pagina "orfana" perchè non deve essere raggiugingibile dalla wiki "seria".
2014-10-29 update: it is a bit a mess but better than nothing.

2015-03-28 update: the point, as I wrote somewhere else, it is mostly the same: we have our private resources, that often are not so reliable (during a not so short period of time). So we start to use online or 'cloud' resources to save part of our information. The reliability depends on the site, but the rule of thumb is: the more popular the site, the higher the reliability. In my case I 'subconsciously' observed that I used a lot of sites for different things (that sometimes turns out to be not so different) for several reasons. A drawback of this is that my mind started to lose the track of the sites. Hence this page. In the end it is quite good because it is also allowing the others to keep track of my public (or not) contributions online, I hope that everyone that contributes online will have a page like this, allowing the others to follow the progress. At the end contributions are a sort of a diary and diaries ar every important.

For sure I can say that I like the idea that out of complexity (keeping track contributions on several sites) a new solution emerged (a simple page like this) but it is also true that I wonder how many of my contributions I lost in the meantime :( .

Moreover I'm just trying to keep track of my contributions, image if I was a sort of follower of something trying to keep track of contributions of the others! It would have been endless with a lot of gaps!

Happy wiki-ing and tracking of contributions to everyone!

Siti seri / Serious sites

  • Not active. Wikia Ho aperto una wiki così per provare. Wikia ha una policy molto restrittiva per chi vuole essere "restrittivo". Praticamente permette spazio illimitato ma tutto deve essere pubblico ed editabile, salvo che ci sia una discussione da parte della community della wiki che richieda al più l'editing solo per utenti registrati. Insomma, è utilissimo per creare progetti di gruppo, un pò meno per fare spazi personali.
    • Now I will use it for saving quick toughts, informations and so on. I don't like twitter, fb is too private, and I like to reuse the resources that i allocated somewhere.
      • Unfortunately wikia is full of scripts that eat up all the CPU (not a pentium III but something times powerful) and this is not acceptable if i just write plain text in "pre" tags. So for now i will put it on hold and i open another one on pbworks.
  • Onenote (not yet public, but pretty powerful) . Pierqr.aiello -at-

Siti personali generalmente non seri / Personal sites usually used for less valuable stuff

(I, damn me, forgot billions of them that can be somehow useful… and I still forget them, like stumbleupon or pocket added way later -years -than their first use)

Personal file folders online

(just to remember where i have to search, linking the accounts is optional but suggested)

  • Dropbox (at least two plus one by the uni) pier4reich -; pierqr.wiki_hosting_account - ; llapfr86r089m - ; pierqr.aiello -
  • Skydrive , onedrive, microsoft drive [pierqr.aiello - ]
  • Wuala
  • Sugarsync
  • Cloudsafe (meh?)
  • Mozy (?)
  • CloudMe [temporarymailname-blog - ; pier4reich ]
  • icloud (pier4reich yahoo it, pierqr.aiello yahoo it)
  • google drive (mostly pictures. pierqr.aiello gmail com, pierqr.aiello.zt180 gmail com )
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